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Retail Cloud


Billing & Payments
Stock Management
Customer Loyalty
Door Delivery
Payment Options


Purchases & Supplies
Stock Management
Logistics Integration
Batch tracking


Auto commerce portal
Service Area definition
Routing & Door Delivery
Customer Service Monitoring

Navigation,Scaning & Payments
Optmized exit process
Shopping from any where

Our R & D


Alternate to self checkouts
Better customer experience

Inshop mode with navigation
Outshop mode

3D Modelling & AR
Realtime shopping

Remote monitoring & control
Foot fall
Customer face recognition

Customer Access Control
Remote Monitoring & Alerts
Wifi Cart & Product Tracking

Customer Loyalty
Behaviour tracking

Inshop/Online experience
Customer Engagement

Scalability & Performance
Data Security
Data Management

Smart Outlets


NO CAPEX, Support & Maintenance

Migrate at no cost

Leaders in Retail Technologies

One stop for Retailers

Select right plan for incremental automation.

Labelling to last mile
Wireless,No Server,& Ready to use

Commerce Portal
Social Media
Mobile Commerce

Inshop Mode
Shop from any where

Footfalls & Customer face recognition
Behaviour tracking
Loyalty Program

Promotions with complex offers
Seamless and dynamic

3D Modelling of the outlet
Realtime shopping

Monitoring using IoT
MDM for mobile devices

Customer Loyalty
Product/Inventory Mgmt


Be Limitless


*Wireless Warehouses


*Wireless Outlets




*Self Checkouts





Case Studies

TechnoLabs Retail Cloud supports complex Retail Portfolio of 24Mantra.

Globus - Raheja Group uses TechnoLabs Retail Cloud to run their MPOS and Store Operations.


Mobile Carts of Freshwolrd runs on our Retail Cloud.

Digital Business of GoodSeeds is powered by our Retail Cloud.


Be Ahead

Our Mantra for success is, Be Ahead with sustained excellence.
We work towards creating Subject Matter Expertise and set the standards for Global Retail Industry.

Please stay tunned for disruptive Innovations

  • Retail Cloud - MPOS
  • Retail Cloud - Digital Commerce
  • Retail Cloud - Customer Loyalty
  • Retail Cloud - Al & Analytics
  • Retail Cloud - WiFi Cart

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Wireless, No Hardware Servers and No Software Licenses

We strive to create niche and set standards for Retailers.

Top Retail Brands preferred our SAAS model over conventional one for their Brick & Mortar and Digital Commerce.

Now, they can do business with complete freedom.

One cloud that supports 360o requirements of Retail Business. Just Subscribe and run your Retail Business

Be Together

This has been journey of collective minds. We realized manifestation of our thoughts as we worked together. We got the tenacity to move ahead due to collective strength and the support we get from each other.

TechnoLabs is well poised to make further innovations in few exciting areas for Retail Industry.

Create Success Stories Together

HomeWe partnered with TechnoLabs at a critical juncture as we were looking to build technical capabilities. Our partnership with TechnoLabs allowed us to focus on our core business while they own the technology piece. In our recently launched Customer App which is part of TechnoLabs Retail Cloud Offerings, we were able to co create and have them develop for us cutting edge features hitherto not seen in any consumer mobile application for Fruits & vegetables.
The Team lead ably by Siva is very passionate on what they do and bring about very rich Domain Experience.